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About the Alliance 

We're a coalition of organizations and individuals who recognize the critical and indispensable role direct care workers play in meeting the long-term care needs of older adults and people of all ages with disabilities in Wisconsin. We believe in bringing everyone together around our common purpose of championing direct care workers: provider organizations, advocates, statewide associations, government agencies, educational institutions, community leaders, consumers, families - and, or course, the direct care workers. 


To develop and implement statewide and community-based strategies to improve the recognition, retention, recruitment, and economic status of the long-term care workforce. 

What We Believe

Direct Care Workers Are Valuable to the Economy
Nursing assistants are the second fastest growing healthcare occupation and home health aides are the fourth fastest growing. 
Direct Care Workers Are Underpaid
The median wage for various direct care workers in Wisconsin is $9.62 to $12.00 depending on work setting. Even the highest-paid workers - nursing aides - earn 22% below the median hourly wage for all occupations in the state. 
There Is a Direct Care Workforce Shortage
The number of Wisconsin Residents aged 65+ is projected to double by 2035. The population of those who traditionally provide that care - women between the ages of 25 to 54 - is projected to decline by 8,000. 
There Is a High Percentage of Direct Care Workforce Turnover 
Turnover rates range between 22% and 100% annually and it costs employers about $3,500 per employee. 
Long-Term Care Recipients Deserve the Best Quality of Care  

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